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Rehoming A Senior Dog

When You've Exhausted All Other Options for Keeping Your Pet

A shelter should be a last resort. If you are simply in need of support, use our email contact button. 

For Travis Co animals, see this page with helpful tips -

For Williamson Co animals, see this page with helpful tips -

Max knows that's a milk bone in your han

Request Medical or Material Support

For Owners, Rescues & Shelters in Need

Are you in need of something specific to help manage and maintain your senior pet? We will do our best to help out or point you to a resource. Email us.


End of Life Decisions

Especially in the elder years a goal is to have a very close relationship with your pet's care provider and plan ahead. Loss of an elder pet is a natural part of the circle of life. A pet parent will do their best to strike a balance between not saying goodbye too soon, and not saying goodbye too late. This is an important time to set aside our own emotions, just for now, to deal with later, to allow ourselves to be focused on what the pet is experiencing. Your pet knows when you are happy or miserable. He or she worries for you. Try to minimize that by being happy in their presence, focus on celebrating their life, up to their final minute, instead of dwelling on a death. There will be time to focus on that later, when your pet is no longer suffering needing your undivided attention. Please do not take your animal to the shelter to be euthanized. If you are not able to be present with your pet, a care provider will stand in for you. Every veterinary clinic will prioritize an animal that is suffering poor quality of life.  If cost is an obstacle there are low cost options such as Capital Vet and Thrive. After hours service can be obtained through area emergency pet hospitals. There are at home service options for those who would like to go that route - these are scheduled services rather than emergency services. More info here-  Compassionate Pet Vet and the network of DVMs of Lap Of Love 

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