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Shown, first photo: Wrigley arrived stray and unspoken for, you might say abandoned, to the Austin Animal Center with multiple lymphomas. Donors made it possible for us to provide his medical care and comfort during the last 8 months of life with two sisters who fostered him in love, like one of the family. Now the legacy of Wrigley, and the wonderful ladies that helped him, passes to Bruce who lives his last months with hemangiosarcoma.  

Photo of Wrigley by Sarah Jurgensen Throop

The remaining dogs shown are in our medical sponsorship program and each has their own set of conditions under treatment from mobility issues to bleeding tumor removals to medically necessary dentals to Cushings and heart disease treatments. We also provide preventatives monthly for medical sponsorship dogs. Your donations ensure we can remove barriers to adoption, help avert shelter surrenders and provide comfort care for hospice dogs like Bruce. On behalf of all of them and their caregivers, we thank you kindly for donating. 


Some senior dogs reach the shelter and are able to be adopted to new families without extensive medical work. However most arrive stray and neglected with major medical barriers standing in the way of securing a new home. And for yet a smaller portion of those dogs, sometimes the end may not be far off, but it's not here,,,not today,,and not in a shelter. They may reach us too late for treatment. Our medical sponsorships help both types of cases.  For those with treatable medical needs we get to work rolling back years of neglect, so they can be viewed as adoptable pets and join a loving family.  For those that are not treatable, we provide comfort and final needs care. Whether a senior dog arrives  too late for treatment or just in time for help with years of their life ahead, fosters provide the vital link, a "friend till the end" for those that may not be adoptable, and a land bridge home for those that can be treated.  Your donation helps to improve a senior shelter dog's remaining life, because every dog deserves a loving friend until the very end. 

Nov 2021 senior dogs at aac.jpg

Results - November 2021 - Adopt A Senior Dog Month

Helping Senior Dogs Leave Kennel Life Behind

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