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Here are just a small few of the senior pups as they completed their shelter journeys and retired their shelter id numbers

The Journey to Health and Home

We call this the "best of the rest" of their years ahead!

Mary's Journey to Health & A New Life

OCT 2021 NEWS FLASH! Mary has some news!! She's officially adopted, a permanent part of her foster family. Mary's backstory: she was "bought" as a puppy and lived in one home for 10 years before a housing change sent her to the shelter. She was overweight but at the Austin Animal Center she stopped eating and had to be fed chicken and baby food for a bit. She was pretty grumpy initially but we sat in her kennel with her and that seemed to help her ease. She was started on eye and skin meds while we searched for a foster for this broken down sad lady with a broken heart too. Foster Devi came to her rescue, initially to help her through her medical journey, along with our vet clinic partner South Park Animal Hospital, but as often happens, foster dogs just adore the people who rescued them, we could see that in her early foster pictures. She seemed to fit in perfectly. Mary's journey is now complete. She's been restored to an improved version of Mary now named Merry. After all Merry never knew she was a foster dog, she thought she was home! We're so glad we don't have to tell her otherwise. We're so happy for her and proud of her foster mom for without her and our donors, this journey to health a newly claimed life wouldn't be possible. She officially retires her animal id of A838101. Mary arrived July 2nd - look at the difference just 100 days makes!
See the BEFORE AND AFTER photos and video.

Mary Before & After_edited_edited.jpg

An Old Friend to the Rescue

Sept 2021: Scrappers (formerly Spratt) was just adopted by his former Foster from 5 years ago. Staff were very resourceful in reaching out to all his advocates after his person passed away recently. She was super excited to come to Spratt’s aid, his former name before adoption. She showed us so many pictures of him in foster 5 years ago. He’ll have dog siblings again and start on a healthy weight plan. So much . Surely his owner is smiling down on his situation right now, grateful for old friends.

Classics is helping catch up Spratt on some much needed dental work in November while Mom has him already well on his way to his fitness goals. He's doing great, living his best.


A Pandemic Brings Xavier a Sweet Surpise

Forever Changing Lives

May 2020: Xavier's foster mom has foster scored by adopting the big sweet boy who's been a quiet and calm presence throughout this Pandemic. Danica was one of the first new fosters to come forward after the shelter closed mid-March, leaving almost 30 mature/senior dogs inside needing emergency fosters. On March 19th she offered her help. She went to work to try to pick a dog to help and she went on a limb for Xavier who had no history of ever having been inside a home. It was ok, she would be with him. They would be #alonetogether He was the underdog, arriving at 6 yrs old and anything but fit. He was underweight with muscle wasting, had a full range of parasites including heart worm, he had hot spots and pressure wounds, fly strikes, infected ears and it was determined he had likely been in that condition at least several months. When Xavier landed at the shelter, he crossed a threshold to safety, then he crossed another threshold to better health, and then the Pandemic brought him an opportunity that was foreign to him, a chance to experience life as it should be, a chance to flourish and prove himself. He was helped by so many throughout his journey, a journey of hands over hands including Austin Animal Center staff, Classics, and Friends of Austin Animal Center who also helped sponsored some brush ups with Dog Possible . The single person though, who transformed his life, did so because she had a vision and was willing to take a small risk on an underdog with no home history. It's times like this, when we stretch ourselves, that our lives can change forever. Xavier presents his mom Danica and his best girl friend Zee and reminds everyone out there to look for the good through all of the bad. Hang in there and come get a mature puppy of your own. This one's spoken for Congratulations Xavier and job very well done Danica.

Xavier adopted.jpg

Coco's Adoption for National Rescue Day

Guided by hands over many hands

May 2020: Coming at you a little late tonight for National Rescue Day. The distinguished guest of honor is “Coco of the South” who was recently adopted by her foster Jessica. Coco of the South was truly a hands over hands journey of love that took place for a long time in the shelter first in the great hands of MANY adoring volunteers and staff of Austin Animal Center who walked her and kept her spirits strong. Volunteer Michelle helped bridge her to Jessica. And from there Coco underwent not one but TWO cancer surgeries stretching across the opposite boundaries of Travis Co. until finally, she is free and clear of that cancer and has been adopted by Jessica. Coco is particularly enjoying “shelter at home” for all the attentions it brings. Thank you Jessica for giving Coco her life back Hugs Coco for being our rescue day feature

Coco Living.jpg
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