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©2019 Classic Canines Inc.

Who We Are

We are a 501 c3 organization of shelter volunteers and advocates who have been promoting opportunities for senior dogs since Oct 2012. There are no paid positions and all funds raised are used directly for the senior dogs we help.










Our Mission: To reduce shelter stay times for senior dogs within public and private shelter systems, Classic Canines locates foster, adoption and rescue opportunities for these dogs while educating the public about the many benefits of adopting senior dogs and removing barriers to adopting such dogs enabling senior dogs to move quickly into well matched homes, thereby saving public funds by freeing up kennel space, reducing deaths in this vulnerable population due to shelter space overcrowding, and promoting animal protection and animal welfare.


We've seen a few thousand cases since 2012 through high volume shelters. Our experience is that the vast majority of seniors need comfort care during their shelter stay, when they've been uprooted, or just arrived neglected and scared. Then they need marketing resources to help get them home faster. For another 15-20% of the senior dogs, the path home requires a journey to wellness first, to treat conditions caused by being stray or long neglected health items. Skin, ear and eye infections, liver and kidney infections are some of the needs we treat the most, followed by removal of suspicious masses, amputations and medically necessary dental extractions.In a few cases we provide comfort care for dogs who's final day may not be here today, but may not be far off into the future.


Shelters that participate have one or more advocates who act as a Classics liaison for their shelter. 

It takes a village to get displaced senior dogs bridged home. Everyone in the process has an important role, from shelter staff to volunteers to fosters to partners to donors and supporters. 

Shelters with one or more Classics liaisons:

  • Austin Animal Center 

  • Bastrop County Animal Shelter

  • Williamson Country Regional Animal Shelter

Courtesy posts are often placed for additional shelters.

If you are a shelter volunteer who wants to be a Classics liaison for your Texas-based animal shelter, join our mission