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Foster and Adopt

Why Adopt a Senior Dog? In one word - simple - really, they are! You get the benefit of a dog that knows the ropes, is housetrained, knows a few commands, and may have easier energy demands than their young counterparts. What about those puppy mayhem days? Well those days are best left in the past! We like to say the Classics have "adjustable energy", active when you want, for excursions, and ready to chill out for movie night when you want to slow down. Many can self-manage at home alone for a full work day. In today's world where life changes will come more frequently, committing to a new pup for 10-15 years may not be a good fit for your particular lifestyle but having a fur friend for 1-5 years may be a great choice. A shelter pet never forget who rescued him/her! They're so grateful! Do your heart good by helping a senior dog in need. 

Why Foster a Senior Dog? Often the only thing standing between a senior shelter dog and their new home is a medical barrier. Very few people come to a shelter looking to adopt a senior dog, yet one with hundreds of dollars of medical needs. Yet many senior dogs arrive in this condition after having been on their own for quite a long time, or due to neglect or pet owners who simply could not afford necessary care . Be a land bridge of love by opening your home, your heart to provide a soft landing for a neglected, abused or sick senior dog that needs medical help, time and TLC to jump the hurdle of health to adoption. Fosters pay only for food and earn volunteering hours with the sponsor shelter. Make a difference in a life today. 

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